The Yuchang Stake Semi-trailer with flexible and load securing options can be precisely customised to match your transport business.

Youcan Trailer supplies 45-120 ton tipper trailers precisely tailored to your company's requirements. Tipper Trailer, professional tipper trailers, dumper trailers.

The Youcan Flatbed trailers for all types of mechanical equipment, steels, woods and containers can be precisely customised to match your transport business. 

The Youcan container chassis for all common container types can be precisely customised to meet your transport requirements.

Youcan Trailer supplies 30-100 ton Drawbar Trailers precisely tailored to your fleet requirements.

Drawbar Trailer is a type of full trailer, self-tipping is also available.According to the product requirements for the users who transport solid aggregate, coal, earthmoving.

YuchangTrailer is a professional semi-trailer supplier specialized in tank trailers, bulk cement tank semi-trailers, tipper semi-trailer, dumper semi-trailers, stake storage semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, lowbed semi-trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo semi-trailers, and other hundreds of products.