Interlink Trailers

Youcan versatile interlink trailers, also known as superlink trailers, featuring a combination of a 20FT flatbed trailer and a 40FT flatbed trailer. With various configurations, including side walls and poles, these trailers are designed for diverse transport needs.

Youcan Interlink trailer consists of one 20ft flatbed semi trailer and one 40ft flatbed semi trailer to meet diverse transport needs.

Overview of Youcan Interlink Trailer

The Interlink Trailer, commonly referred to as the superlink trailer, stands as a versatile, open transporter for a wide array of goods. Its applications span the transport of 40ft containers, 20ft containers, flat steel, channel steel, and various other materials.


Mechanical Suspension Strength: The trailer's tandem and balanced construction offers high strength and impressive impact resistance. It evenly distributes axle loads, enhancing durability and ensuring a longer service life. The use of high-strength materials provides efficient buffering, simplifies maintenance, and allows for easy replacement of wearing parts.


Complex Maintenance: While the system is designed for easy part replacement and maintenance, the complexity of the machinery might require specialized knowledge for certain repairs, potentially increasing maintenance costs.

As a prominent Interlink trailer manufacturer based in China, we specialize in supplying double flatbed semi-trailers. Our commitment to customization allows us to tailor the trailers according to your specific requirements, and the pricing of our superlink trailers is contingent on the specifications desired.

The Youcan engineering team is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your transportation needs and local regulations. Our online communication platform ensures a thorough understanding of your specific requirements. The solutions we offer cover product design, material selection, detailed drawings, and informative product videos.

Interlink Trailer Supplier

The Youcan Trailer was founded in 1999, with rich experiences of producing semi-trailers and providing complete trailer solutions for different applications.

The company specialized in providing aluminum tankers, fuel tankers, bulk cement tankers, dumper trailers,tipper trailers, stake/sidewall trailers, flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo trailers,interlink trailer and other hundreds of products with 23 Years of experiences.

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