30-38m³ Steel Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, professional bulk cement tank trailers.

40-52m³ Steel Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, professional bulk cement tank trailers.

52-71m³ Steel Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, professional bulk cement tank trailers.

35-40m³ Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, professional bulk cement tank trailers

What is a Bulk cement trailer? 

A bulk cement trailer (also called cement  tanker) is a tanker semi-trailer to transport bulk material, for example, cement/lime powder/iron ore powder etc.

A bulk tank trailer is a type of tank trailer that is used in the transportation of bulk powder such as flour, cement and chemical powder among other similar products.

It is constructed of combined chassis structure that comes with a tanker, a piping system and a number of discharging units. The design takes into account the safe loading and transportation of bulk powder products.

Products carried by the bulk tank trailer have a particle diameter size of <0.1mm. It is commonly used in the cement manufacturing industry for the transportation of cement to construction sites and storehouses.

The bulk tank trailer has one huge advantage: the costs of loading products and discharging them are largely reduced.

One: Basic Operations of the Bulk Tank Trailer

To load and discharge products from the tank trailer, a fluidization principle is applied. This is what lies behind the working principle of a bulk tank trailer.

Through it, the powder products can easily be loaded and unloaded from the bulk tank trailer making the process efficient and fast translating to savings in the operation costs.

Two: Various Bulk Tank Trailer Structures

This type of trailer comes in different types primarily based on the structural configuration. Different conditions of work will require different types of bulk tank trailers.

Therefore, buyers should consider all options before settling on one particular type. Operations take place at different places with different terrains and so on. The terrain, for instance, can define the type of tank trailer to buy or hire.

A number of factors come into play even as you choose the type of tank trailer to use. Stable ones can get you low insurance premiums because the transportation risks are kept at a minimum.

The efficiency of your operations is thus enhanced both from a financial perspective and again looking at the work aspects.

Each of these structures is particularly suited for a particular type and weight of cargo. Here is some detailed information about the types of bulk tank trailers you will find in the market.

Applications of Tank Trailer 

Bulk cement tank trailer is mainly used for cement factory, cement warehouse and large construction site, and can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.

The transport and pneumatic unloading of dry materials with particle diameter less than 0.1mm such as ore powder, the vertical unloading height is more than 15m, and the horizontal conveying distance can be more than 5m. The tank trailer is the use of self-provided motor power by taking force driving vehicle air compressor, compressed air through a pipe into the sealed tank bottom air chamber, made the cement in the fluidized bed on the suspension to flow, when the tank pressure reaches rating, open the discharge butterfly valve, fluidization cement through the pipe flow and transport

Tank Trailer Supplier 

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