Youcan Trailer supplies 30-100 ton Drawbar Trailers precisely tailored to your fleet requirements.

Drawbar Trailer is a type of full trailer, self-tipping is also available.According to the product requirements for the users who transport solid aggregate, coal, earthmoving.

What is a Tipper Semi-trailer? 

A Tipper Semi-trailer (also called Dumper trailer) is a semi-trailer could self-dumping and save labor of unloading. A Tipper Semi-trailer is for users who transport the :

solid aggregate,



wheat and similar bulk cargoes


Applications of Tipper Semi-trailers

The Tipper Semi-trailer suitable for coal, ore, building materials and other bulk cargo transport.  The trailer has two ways of tipping: rear end dumping and side dumping, which can effectively transport  bulk goods. The frame and rail are welded with high quality manganese plate, and the container has two kinds of dustpan and rectangle.  With high strength, strong lifting force, good stiffness, toughness, strong bearing capacity, no permanent      deformation.  

Tipper Trailer Supplier

Yuchang Trailer is a premier manufacturer of tipper trailers known for our premium products, simplicity of design, customization and mission-specific engineering. Our Tippers come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and suspension types, so no matter what type of trailer you require, feel free to contact us. Our professional sales engineer will offer you the latest price of tank trailers.