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Youcan cement bulk trucks for sale have been sent to Mali

What is bulk cement trailer?

Bulk cement trailers are also called cement trailers, cement tankers, and pneumatic trailers. It is generally used to transport bulk goods such as cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other powdery materials with a diameter of 0.01mm. Bulk cement trailers are generally widely used in large construction sites, cement plants, warehouses, etc. Bulk cement trailers generally use an air compressor to ensure that the powder comes out of the tank.


The customer in Mali is a purchasing manager for a cement tank factory. Due to business expansion, I want to buy cement bulk truck trailer for cement transportation. Customers in Mali know about cement tanker trailer through google on our official website. So the customer left a message under our website and left his contact information. After Alice, our sales manager, contacted the customer, the customer asked some questions about the cement bulk truck semi-trailer.

Under the patient communication of sales manager Alice, the Mali customer quickly signed a contract with YOUCAN. Now the Youcan cement bulk truck purchased by the customer has been produced in the factory and will be sent to Mali soon.

Youcan cement bulk truck trailer sales operation method

Operation method:

1. After the Youcan cement tanker arrives at the destination, park the cement tanker at the corresponding position of the storage tower, ensure that the discharge hose is perpendicular to the discharge joint of the storage tower, and connect the quick connector outlet hose connector and the water storage tower delivery pipe connector Fasten securely.

2. Check and close the feed port, close the exhaust valve, secondary blow valve, and discharge valve.

3. Start the power unit (diesel engine or power take-off) to drive the air compressor. Make the speed of the air compressor reach the rated speed (about 900r/min), and fill the cement tank with air (for the operation of the diesel engine and the air compressor, please refer to the respective instruction manuals).

4. When the pressure value of the pressure gauge 8 reaches 0.2Mpa, open the secondary purge valve 4 to clear the pipeline, and then open the discharge valve 3 to start unloading.

5. When the pressure gauge 8 drops from 0.02Mpa to 0, cut off the power supply, stop the Youcan cement bulk truck air compressor, close the secondary blow valve and discharge valve, open the exhaust valve, and the discharge is completed.


1. Pay attention to the gauge pressure of the pressure gauge 8 when unloading the Youcan cement bulk truck trailer. If the gauge pressure exceeds 0.2Mpa, check whether the safety valve 6 is exhausted.

2. When the Youcan cement tanker is unloading, the unloading hose shakes a lot, please close the secondary blowing valve 4 halfway.

3. When the storage tower is full when unloading, first close the unloading valve, then quickly close the power unit, and finally close the secondary purge valve to avoid pipeline blockage.

4. If the pipeline is blocked during the unloading process, it can be eliminated without stopping the machine. If the exhaust valve is blocked, the exhaust valve and intake valve should be closed immediately. Use the secondary bleed valve to remove foreign matter from the line. If the unloading valve is blocked, the secondary blowing valve should be fully opened, and the unloading valve should be opened and closed repeatedly to remove the blockage.

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