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What is a 80 ton Lowbed

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YOUCAN 3 axles 80 tons low flatbed trailer is widely used for heavy machinery transportation.

YOUCAN low-bed semi-trailer satisfies concentrated force, anti-turbulence and anti-torsion, and adopts HG60 high-strength steel material. We use it to ensure the long life of our TITAN excavator trailers and avoid unnecessary maintenance.

low-bed semi-trailer


1. The main beam is made of HG high-strength steel, which has high bearing capacity.

2. The side beam adopts "H" steel, and the strong and durable design avoids the deformation of the side beam.

3. The loading ramp is made of high-strength steel, which has a high load-bearing capacity and will not deform when handling heavy equipment.

4. Polyurethane paint, long service life, avoiding rusting of the vehicle.

5. World famous brand spare parts ensure high quality and save cost.


Dimensions: 16000mm * 3000mm * 3400mm

Load capacity (T): 40-100T

Axle: 13T/16T, FUWA / BPW / YOUCAN brand

Rim: 8.0-20

Tires: 11.00R20

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Spring sheet: 90(W)mmx13(thickness)mmx10 layers

Kingpin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inches (bolt or weld type)

Landing gear: JOST brand

Main beam: height: 500mm, upper plate: 20mm, middle plate: 12mm, lower plate: 20mm, material: Q345B steel.

Bottom plate: 5mm thick square plate

Ramps: Spring ramps

Gooseneck: optional

ABS: optional

Valve: WABCO Valve

Light source: LED lights (for overseas markets only)

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