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3 axle bulk cement hauler trailer

What is bulk cement trailer?

Bulk cement trailers are also called cement trailers, cement tankers, and pneumatic trailers. It is generally used to transport bulk goods such as cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other powdery materials with a diameter of 0.01mm. Bulk cement trailers are generally widely used in large construction sites, cement plants, warehouses, etc. Bulk cement trailers generally use an air compressor to ensure that the powder comes out of the tank.

bulk cement tanker

Product Description:

YOUCAN Bulk cement transport trailer designed for portable cement plants to transport cement, flour, powder, alkali, ash, alumina and other different bulk items.

Bulk cement transport semi trailer volume can be customized. We offer a wide range of cement trailers in different sizes and capacities with diesel engines and air compressors.


Tank material :5mm high strength wear-resistant steel

Payload :36T-50T

Axis :3 axes

Tire: Unit 12

Application: Conveying lime, cement, powder, etc.

Tank thickness :3.5mm

Compressor :12m³ double cylinder air compressor

Spare tire rack :2

Leaf spring :10 pieces

Sprinkler head :1 sprinkler head; Car waxing

Diesel engine: Weichai brand

Compressor: Bohai Sea

Suspension: Heavy machinery suspension

Landing gear :JOST

Braking system :WABCO

Lamp :LED lamp (overseas special)

24 v voltage:

Toolbox :1 set

Coating: polyurethane coating, long service life, avoid vehicle rust


1.YOUCAN dry bulk cement tank trailer, using high strength wear-resistant steel. To build the most durable tankers for the African market with road conditions in mind.

2. YOUCAN adopts advanced machines to ensure high quality welds, long service life and good appearance of the tank.

3. After completion of production, all YOUCAN cement tankers will undergo pressure test and metal inspection test to ensure that our cement tankers have good tightness.

4. There are 10 airbags in the tank (the others only have 6 or 8).

5. YOUCAN vehicles use the world famous brand Weichai 4102 diesel engine, so that the air compressor can work better and the exhaust speed can reach 1.6 tons/min.

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