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Various bulk tanker structures

Various bulk tanker structures

This type of trailer is mainly divided into different types according to the structural configuration. Different working conditions require different types of bulk tankers.

bulk cement tanker

Therefore, buyers should consider all options before choosing one specific type. Operations take place in different places with different terrain etc. For example, terrain can define the type of tank truck to buy or rent.

Even when you choose the type of tank truck to use, there are many factors that come into play. Stable can get you low premiums because shipping risk is kept to a minimum.

As a result, your operations will be more efficient, both from a financial standpoint and from a work standpoint.

Each of these structures is especially suited for specific types and weights of cargo. Here are some details about the types of bulk tank trailers you will find on the market:

1. Horizontal

The horizontal bulk trailer is designed with a low center of gravity, which enhances its stability. Its volume is much larger than other tanks in its class.

Most tanks in horizontal construction have a compartment. Therefore, less time is required to build up the desired air pressure. The discharge process is also faster.

In general, such tanks are easy to handle.

However, this tank only uses pneumatic discharge. It's not fully effective as all the powder doesn't always come out of the canister.

In this case, any other type of material is unlikely to be transported on the same horizontal tank trailer. In most cases it is used to transport fly ash and cement.

2 .funnel types

The hopper version of the tank trailer can carry more material than the horizontal version. These materials can be in powder, granular or lump form.

For granular and powdery materials, pneumatic unloading can be used. Lumpy materials are usually discharged into designated pits by gravity dumping.

The conical bus bar and the horizontal plane are usually set at 45° or greater. This means that the powder will be able to slide directly into the fluidized bed.

Due to the design of the tank trailer, it is unlikely that residues will be left in the tank trailer after unloading. This type of trailer is often used to transport powdered chemicals and flour materials.

3 .Tilt Tank Trailers

A tilting tank trailer is a very durable tank trailer because of how it functions and how it operates.

Again, it has plenty of storage space. They are available in a variety of cargo materials, with heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction options to choose from depending on the type of product you are shipping.

Compared with other types of tank trailers, lift tank trailers have more advantages. Simply defined, the lift type can be described as a single warehouse structure.

Once raised, the tank assumes a steep angle of inclination. This makes the uninstall operation quick and easy. Those looking for quick unloading, especially where large quantities of powdered material need to be transported, can rely on tilt tank trailers.

With this tank trailer, you can transport all types of powdered materials, including powdered products, granular materials and even lumpy products.

Draining can be done pneumatically or by gravity tipping. In this setup, the fluidized bed is a small fraction, which means that not much residual product remains on the surface of the tank trailer during unloading.

The internal structure configuration is also very simple, making it a reliable tank trailer. Therefore, disassembly and cleaning of the fluidized bed is quick and easy for all users.

The ability to convert from one specific type of load to another makes it best for use in many operations.

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