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How much does a container chassis trailer cost

What is a container chassis?

Generally speaking, the container chassis is also a multimodal chassis trailer. It is a wheeled structure consisting of a steel frame, axles, tires, braking system and suspension system that can withstand heavy loads and is mainly used to transport containers between ports, warehouses and terminals.

In addition, as the design evolves, many accessories can be found on the container chassis for easy operation, such as air suspension, ABS, parking sensors, GPS systems, etc. You can consult your manager for a spec sheet.

container chassis

Why use an intermodal chassis to transport containers?

The popularity of container chassis is not accidental, in fact, it is born to carry various types of containers. Three reasons why you need an intermodal chassis:

Robust and durable construction: The structure of the container chassis is usually made of high-strength steel to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, the beams have been strengthened to support the structure, allowing it to serve longer.

Smooth and convenient transportation: It fits closely with the chassis, the container can be well protected, the transportation speed is fast, and the labor cost is low.

Higher Shipping Efficiency: The multimodal chassis is designed to fit containers of different sizes, so you can load more containers at once, saving you a lot of cost and time.

How much does a container case cost?

Chassis cost: $5,000-12,000.

How much does a 20ft container chassis cost?

20ft Chassis Cost: Typically $5,000-10,000 in Panda mechs, but prices will vary based on specs. Now many manufacturers can provide customization according to your needs, and many settings will have a great impact on the final price, such as the size of the chassis, the number of axles, the suspension system, the brand of steel... You can ask for the final price. Quote from the sales manager.

How much does a 40ft container chassis cost?

40-foot chassis cost: Twice as much as a 20-foot container chassis, Panda's 40-foot models can generally run between $6,000-$12,000. 40-foot multimodal transport chassis, more space for loading containers, can load containers of various sizes, improve transportation efficiency and save time.

Where can I buy container chassis and spare parts?

Often, one can find container chassis from local agencies. But the thing is, the prices can be pretty staggering - from materials to shipping, they'll make every penny from you. Here we suggest you to consider Panda Machinery's semi-trailer factory in China. Ships from our factory, no price increase. Moreover, now that China's manufacturing technology is mature, production efficiency is higher, and labor costs are lower, it will provide you with the most economical container chassis in a short time.

How much do Container Chassiss cost?

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