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What is best flatbed trailer

What is a flatbed trailer

A flatbed trailer, also known as a flatbed semi-trailer, or a flatbed container trailer; it is an open deck equipment without a roof and sides. The main purpose is to transport containers, bulk cargo, construction supplies, and some larger and more comprehensive items, and it is one of our most commonly used semi-trailers.

At the same time, semi-trailers similar to flatbed semi-trailers include container chassis, side wall trailers and low bed trailers. (Recommendation: Flatbed Semi Trailer VS Low Bed Trailer)

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What is an oversized flatbed trailer

At present, the maxi flatbed trailer we can make is a 53ft flatbed trailer, its length and width are: 53ft x 102in, using a 53ft flatbed trailer, there are specific requirements for the road, like some narrower roads, it is impossible to pass, generally Say, 48ft and 53ft are usually 48ft and 53ft generally used in the United States, Africa, Asia generally use 20ft flatbed semi-trailer or 40ft flatbed semi-trailer.

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What is the best flatbed trailer brand in China?

There are many best brands of flatbed trailers in China, because each flatbed trailer has its own advantages and features, the flatbed trailer looks very simple structure, many manufacturers can produce, but due to the different materials used, different welding processes and different designs , making the quality gap of the flatbed trailer, here we recommend you to consult the panda mecha, you can get the most suitable flatbed trailer for you.

How long is the flatbed semi-trailer?

20 feet flatbed trailer length: 12500mm;

40 feet flatbed trailer length: 13500mm;

45 feet flatbed trailer length: 14000mm;

48 feet flatbed trailer length: 14350mm;

53 feet flatbed trailer length: 15300mm;

How much do flatbed trailers cost

Youcan flatbed trailer price: $8800-16500. If you are interested in buying a bulk cement trailer for you project, feel free to send an inquiry.

How much does it cost to rent a truck trailer

Rent truck trailer price: $100-150 per day.

Flatbed trailer Manufacturer

Yuchang trailer is a professional semi-trailer manufacturer founded in the year 1999. The company provides tank trailers, bulk cement semi-trailers, Tipper semi-trailers, stake storage semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo semi-trailers, and other hundreds of products.

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