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Three-axle sidewall trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean customers have long been interested in three-axle sidewall trailers for sale. A year ago, he stopped buying due to financial problems. Customers now express great satisfaction with the production details of the three-axle trailers for sale. The quality of the product, so the customer now needed three-axle sidewall trailers for sale, so he immediately contacted us and sent an inquiry.

The customer mainly transports debris locally, so it is recommended that the customer use a three-axle sidewall trailers for sale. The whole process of working with the client was very smooth. The picture below is the rendering of the three-axle sidewall trailers for sale ordered by the customer after production and painting.

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A three-axle sidewall trailer refers to a semi-trailer whose cargo part is a fence structure. Its carriage is open and consists of a row of fences, and is mainly suitable for medium and long-distance transportation.

The three-axle sidewall trailers can be said to be the earliest type of carriage. As a transport vehicle, the three-axle sidewall trailers can carry many types of cargo, and can load many over-long, over-wide, and over-height cargo, such as steel, wood, stone, etc.

From a professional perspective, the reason why side trailers can carry such a wide range of goods is inseparable from the cooperation of high-level drivers and loaders. They need to place goods, cover with tarps, and kill ropes, all of which require physical strength. With experience and technology, if the goods are not loaded or the driver does not repair the goods, it can easily lead to safety problems.

The working platform is the main load-bearing part and consists of main beams, wide beams, cross beams, bottom plates, suspensions, etc.

Pay attention to whether the thickness of the main beam meets international standards. The international standard of the three-axle main beam of the trailer with plate for sale is 14/8/16 mm. The steel plate in the middle of the beam is made of Q345B manganese steel with a thickness of 8mm.

There are also multiple 60-ton fence semi-trailers on the ground floor, which are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. The three-axle sidewall trailers for sale has passed the international standard 3mm thick pattern plate.

The common heights of the three-axle side doors of trailers for sale are 600mm, 800mm, and 1000mm. The side door adopts vertical corrugated structure.

The total height of the three-axle trailers for sale is 1.6m, 1.8m, and 2m.

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The three-axle sidewall trailers for sale is a 13-ton axle + a 16-ton braking system axle. The braking performance is better and the braking distance is shortened by more than 5 meters.

The three-axle sidewall trailers for sale use tires customized by the tire factory and are wear-resistant tires. On China's highways, Youcan tires have a driving mileage of more than 300,000 kilometers.

The three-axle sidewall trailers is made of special high-strength steel. 6mm thickness. The center pin diameter is 70mm.

You can learn about different types of side wall semi-trailers (such as three-axle side wall semi-trailers, four-axle high-side semi-trailers, grain bucket semi-trailers, aluminum alloy side panel trailers, two-axle side wall semi-trailers with bogie suspension, side wall semi-trailers, drawbar trailer).

This semi-trailer design offers many advantages and features. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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