Youcan Sidewall semi-trailer

The cargo-carrying part of a sidewall semi-trailer is a semi-trailer with a sidewall structure. It has a wide range of uses and is mainly suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of medium-heavy and bulk goods. It has strong applicability and has become the first choice for medium- and long-distance freight vehicles.


    Overview of Youcan Sidewall Semi-trailer

    A sidewall semi trailer is mainly used in logistics systems supporting ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport. 

    Youcan can provide different configurations of side wall trailers to meet different needs.

    Sidewall Semi-trailer features

    1. Fence cargo trailers overall body is made of high quality steel, advanced technology, strict production process, reliable performance and reasonable structure.

    2. Cross beam structure, the longitudinal beam can generally choose straight beam or gooseneck beam.

    3. Suspension adopts non-vertical steel plate pressed rigid suspension, made of tandem leaf springs and suspension bearings, with reasonable structure, high rigidity and strength, used to support the load to mitigate the impact.

    Sidewall Semi-trailer application

    A sidewall semi trailer is generally used to transport bulk cargo. It is mainly used for long-distance transportation. Generally, Platform trailer can transport 30-80 tons.
    If it is a large amount of transportation or different needs, we can customize it, or platform trailer some deformed vehicles.

    Sidewall Semi-trailer Supplier

    The Youcan Trailer was founded in 1999, with rich experiences of producing semi-trailers and providing complete trailer solutions for different applications.

    The company specialized in providing aluminum tankers, fuel tankers, bulk cement tankers, dumper trailers,tipper trailers, stake/sidewall trailers, flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo trailers, and other hundreds of products with 23 Years of experiences.

    Feel free to contact us for latest price of new semi-trailers. Competitive price with reliable quality waiting for you!

    3 Axle Sidewall Semi-trailer

    13m sidewall trailer


    Youcan Sidewall Semi-trailer 



    Overall dimension

    12/12.67/13m *2.56m* 3.13m

    Loading capacity


    Stake Type

    See pictures above

    Hundreds of types available

    Floor plate thickness(mm)

    Flat plate 2mm OR

    Antiskid design 1.5mm-3mm

    Main beam

    middle plate is 12/8/14mm.   Q700

    Axle brand and number

    10T/12T/13T/ BPW/FUWA, 2/3/4 Axles


    50# or 90#

    Steel Spring 

    4*22*90mm 10*13*90mm  10*16*90mm

    Suspension system

     Air /Mechanical suspension


    11R22.5 / 11.00R20,12R22.5 / 12.00R20, 315/80R22.5

    Landing gear

    28T, double speed operation

    ABS Brake System


    Kormee/WABCO brand, 2S2M 

    Braking system

    Drum brake 

    Brake air chamber

    Four double  chamber Two single

    Electrical system

    24V,7 pin socket,One set 6-core standard Cable



    All Led.

    Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, 

    Tool box

    1-2 set

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Youcan Sidewall semi-trailer

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