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Bulk cement tanker production

What is bulk cement trailer?

Bulk cement trailers are also called cement trailers, cement tankers, and pneumatic trailers. It is generally used to transport bulk goods such as cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other powdery materials with a diameter of 0.01mm. Bulk cement trailers are generally widely used in large construction sites, cement plants, warehouses, etc. Bulk cement trailers generally use an air compressor to ensure that the powder comes out of the tank.

Stake Semi-trailer

Features of Bulk Cement Trailer

Basic structure of cement tanker: 1. Operating system 2. Power system: Engine: The engine unit provides power for the air compressor; PTO: The main function is to take out the power of the engine and transmit it to the air compressor through the drive shaft. 3. Air compressor 4. Air pipe: including air intake, air distribution, pressure relief, secondary air blowing, etc. 5. Tank: A sealed container for filling. 6. Loading and unloading device: The charging tank can be connected with the pipeline of the storage tower, controlled by a butterfly valve, and used for conveying materials. Three Structures of Powder Material Transporter The powder material transporter cement bulk trailer has the characteristics of novel, reasonable and durable design, which can effectively shorten the unloading time and improve the utilization rate of tank volume. Today, the powder material transport semi-trailer manufacturer will introduce the three structural characteristics of the powder material transport vehicle in detail.

Bulk cement trailer completed production

The customer who bought this bulk cement tanker semi-trailer came to our company to buy it through a friend's introduction. From his friend coming to us to inquire about the price to placing an order to buy, the process was very pleasant. At present, we have completed the production of powder tank semi-trailers, and we have also helped customers book tickets to their countries. After installing the tires on the trailer of the bulk cement tanker and passing a series of inspections such as pressure test, we will transport the trailer of the bulk cement tanker to the port for loading and delivery to the customer.

The purpose of bulk cement tanker

It is suitable for conveying and pneumatic unloading of fly ash, cement, lime powder, mineral powder and other dry materials with a particle size not greater than 0.1mm. When the vertical height of unloading reaches 15m, the horizontal conveying distance can reach 5m.

The semi-trailer powder material transport vehicle uses the power of its own engine to drive the on-board air compressor through the power take-off, and sends the compressed air into the lower air chamber of the sealed tank through the pipeline, so that the cement on the fluidized bed is suspended into a fluid state. When the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, the discharge butterfly valve is opened, and the fluidized cement flows through the pipeline.

Manufactured with domestic advanced technology, novel in design, sturdy and durable. The airbag type has a large load capacity, fast unloading speed and small residual volume. The integrated fuel tank has the characteristics of high overall strength, good rigidity, good pressure bearing and good performance.

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