Youcan 36000L Aluminum Fuel Tanker- 3 Axles and 6 compartments
Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer is also called Aluminum Fuel Tanker, used for carrying different liquid like fuel, petrol, water, palm oil etc. 

The volume of the fuel tankers transport semi-trailer can be customized, to reach 30,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 56,000 liters. With different numbers of compartments(1-2-3..6 or more), and 2-3-4 axles to meet the different regulatory requirements of different countries.


    Overview Of Youcan 36000L Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

    Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer is also called Aluminum Fuel Tanker, used for carrying different liquid like fuel, petrol,diesel, etc. 

    The volume of the fuel tankers transport semi-trailer can be customized, to reach 36,000 liters,40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 54,000 liters, up to 90,000 liters. With different numbers of compartments(1-2-3..6 or more), and 2-3-4 axles to meet the different regulatory requirements of different countries.

    Our pioneering views on the transport of liquid petroleum derivatives in road transport of dangerous goods, our dominance and our accumulated knowledge, have changed the standard of the industry it serves, and our premium tankers have numerous design approvals from An international authority, vehicle, driver and road safety, always at the forefront of filling, transporting and unloading operations, we minimise environmental risks and user liability. We have increased user ergonomics through safety measures on the tanker, making high dynamic loads safe and portable in difficult conditions.

    The tanker structure is an elliptic cylindrical column or trapezoidal surface shape, made of high-quality  steel plates. The warehouse of the tank can be divided into several rooms. A wave plate is welded into the middle of each warehouse, in order to reduce the impact of the oil and increase the strength of the tank when the truck is running. A coating of anticorrosive paint and decorative paint are painted on the exterior of the tank to prevent rust. Indicating meter is on the side of the oil tank, and it can directly indicate the tank volume.

    One of the common types of tank trailer you will find on the road is the fuel tank trailer. The trailer is used to transport gasoline, diesel oil, and benzene. It is also used to transport some types of inflammable and plosive liquid.

    Gasoline and diesel fuels are used for standard cars and other types of vehicles. Hence, most fuel trailers have more than one compartment. Why do fuel tank trailers have several compartments? Here are the major reasons:

    The efficiency principle: A trailer with different compartment can transport different kinds of liquid at the same time. This reduces the transportation cost and saves fuel because the trips are reduced to one.

    Transporting each liquid in a different tanker is more expensive and inefficient. Trailers with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline in one trip. A service station can receive all the products needed in just one trip.

    To ensure stability: A liquid fluctuates to all directions in the tank when the trailer is running on a slope. If the fuel tank trailer has a large capacity, the fluctuations will cause major changes in the center of mass.

    This, in turn, will cause major changes of the axle load, which affect the stability of the truck and trailer. The instability may cause the trailer to jackknife or rollover. Using a multi-compartment model reduces the changes of the axle load and hence keeps the trailer stable.

    The advantages of using aluminum alloy on tank trailers include:

    It is lighter in weight than steel

    Aluminum tank trailer can carry more liquid load

    The trailers are safer and more secure

    The material is resistant to rust and hence it does not pollute the liquid during transportation

    Some of the disadvantages of aluminum allow include:

    The strength of aluminum is almost half the strength of steel

    It is highly prone to stress cracking

    Welding aluminum plates is cumbersome

    It is more expensive than steel.

    Features of Youcan Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

    1. CAE and Hypermesh software were used for multiple finite element analysis and verification to optimize the structure of the tanker and its components.   

    2. The frame adopts high strength ALUMINUM plate and the latest lightweight structure design to ensure the strength of the frame while reducing the weight to the lightest. 

    3. Use of robotic welding technology: The tank body is automatically welded by an advanced robot welding machine, incerases the body strength at chassis joints, reduces tension effect, provides unity of body.

    4. Armature discharge box’s cover: Provides mobility and ergonomic handling even in the narrow area.

    5. Performance needs source -Durable body structure, superior production technology and premium equipment, turn into long lifetime income.

    6. Gooseneck cross section design conforms to EN 13094 standard,

    Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer Supplier

    Youcan Trailer is a professional semi-trailer manufacturer providing complete semi-trailer solutions for almost all types of trucks on different applications. The company specialized in providing liquid tank trailers, fuel tankers, chemical tankers, bulk cement tank trailers, tipper trailers, stake storage semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, container carrier trailers, curtainsider trailers, and other hundreds of products. Feel free to contact us for latest price of new semi-trailers. Competitive price with reliable quality waiting for you!

    Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

    fuel tanker trailer


    Youcan 36000L Aluminum Fuel Tanker




    Geometrical Volume 36000 Liters

    Tare Weight

    7000 kg

    Overall dimension

    11500*2500* 3900mm

    Number Of Compartment


    Tank body:

    Construction Material Serial: Aluminium Alloy (or Mild Steel or Stainless Steel)

    Thickness: 5mm


    Suitable for loading from top, and bottom In the lock box on the right side of tanks 6 PCS 500mm manhole cover to be suitable for loading from top and bottom.

    Discharge valve

    One per compartment, 6 in total

    Pressure Vacuum Vent

    One per compartment, roll-over type incorporates with manhole.

    Manhole cover 

     One per compartment, 20" manhole cover with Fill/emergency vents, pressure vacuum vents, overfill holes and vapour transfer vent hole.

    Axle brand and number

    3Axles, BPW or FUWA or YOUCAN


    50# or 90#

    Suspension system

    Air suspension with front lifting / Mechanical


    12sets 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5, 385/80R22.5

    Landing gear

    Jost/Youcan 28T, double speed operation

    Brake system

    Dual Line braking system , Wabco ABS.

    Brake air chamber

    Four double Two single

    Electrical system

    24V,7 pin socket,One set 6-core standard Cable


    Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector

    side lamp etc

    Tool box

    1 set

    Spare tire carrier

    1 sets




    Polish with wax before shipping

    *The product type and optional equipment can vary depending on your choice.

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Youcan 36000L Aluminum Fuel Tanker- 3 Axles and 6 compartments

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