Youcan 30-80T Side Tipper

Youcan 3 Axle hydraulic tipper trailer (also called dump semi-trailer) is a heavy-duty trailer designed for the efficient transportation and unloading of bulk materials such as sand, gravel, coal. The dump semi-trailer bed ensures better handling and easier unloading of the cargo, while the hydraulic system allows for automated and convenient tipping of the load. The load capacity varies from 30 to 40 cubic meters or 30 to 80 tons.


    Overview of Side Tipper trailer

    According to the product requirements for the users who transport solid aggregate, coal, earthmoving, asphalt, wheat and similar bulk cargoes to the highways, we offer a wide selection of Side Tippers that challenge the most demanding conditions on the truck and trailer product line, which provides great convenience and practicality during unloading. The low centre of gravity of the trailer gives it improved road handling combined with excellent tipping stability.

    The Youcan LIGHT Side Tipper trailers with its low unladen weight is optimised for payload thanks to its high strength steel box body.

    The Youcan SOLID Side Tipper trailers with their high strength steel bodies represent the all-purpose transport solution for building materials. Thanks to their excellent wear resistance, these tippers are perfect for abrasive materials.

    What is a Tipper Trailer?

    A tipper trailer is a big trailer that usually lifts when dumping its hall in a chosen location. It is similar to the dump truck trailer and is used synonymously to mean the same thing.

    However, there are small tweaks here and there that make each one of them unique. There are different tipping options but the main ones are the rear and the side tippers.

    Tipper trailers will help you to carry and offload bulk goods in a very easy and efficient manner. At the end, your operations will be highly affordable.

    They are become such a wonderful solution especially in handling big jobs. Safety in operations is well taken care of through a well-designed mechanism of offloading your goods.

    With tipper trailers, they are applicable in the construction, agriculture and recycling industries among many other areas. They come in different shapes and types. Therefore, you will have variety based on your specific needs and requirements.

    Important Parts of a Tipper Trailer

    The body of a tipper trailer is a conventional framework that has a bed with detachable side walls. Conventional designs are usually linked through a rear hinge to frame on which wheels are supported and mounted.

    The set-up is then fixed to a guide for the sliding hinge. The front of the bed plate is fitted with features for latching to the tow bar. The bed is again fitted with either a single leg or multiple retractable legs that are used as a table.

    The connecting rod is usually hinged at its ends to oscillate at respective axes that are parallel to the trailer axes.

    Regardless of the number used, the connecting rods serve to link up the sliding hinge to the parts of the wheel-carrying frame structure. Check figure 2 and figure 3 for more details.

    The hinging of the frame is normally done at the rear section and at the same time has the trailer wheels mounted thereon. Shock absorber means could be installed in between the hinged frame and the wheels.

    One side of the connecting rod is hinged at the frame. There are blocks that are usually attached to the rear part of the frame and are supposed to touch the ground.

    In many traditional designs, the frame is also used to support brake lights, mudguards, indicator lights as well as housings used for receiving a jack as would be needed for wheel changing.

    Features of Youcan Side Tipper trailers

    1.CAE and Hypermesh software were used for multiple finite element analysis and verification to optimize the structure of the vehicle and its components.  

    2. The Youcan tipper body is automatically welded by an advanced large-scale special welding machine. Ensure the safety of the trailer and increase the service life.

    3. The metal surfaces of the vehicle after the welding process is cleaned with sand shot blasting process with grit metal.In order to protect the surfaces from rusting on the top of the surfaces with 2 coats of epoxy primer and acrylic finished paint will be RAL9003 or will on customer demand. The total thickness of the paint work is 120micron.

    4. Performance needs source -Durable body structure, superior production technology and premium equipment, turn into long lifetime income.

    6. Optimised body structure prevents goods from sticking.

    Side Tipper trailer Supplier

    Youcan trailer was founded in 1999 as a professional truck trailer manufacturer providing complete trailer solutions for almost all types of trailers on different applications. The company specialized in providing aluminum tankers, fuel tankers, bulk cement tankers, dumper trailers,tipper trailers, stake/sidewall  trailers, flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo trailers, and other hundreds of products with 23 Years of experiences. Feel free to contact us for latest price of new semi-trailers. Competitive price with reliable quality waiting for you!

    3 Axle tipper trailer Specifications



    Youcan Trailer


    3 axles, BPW/SAF/FUWA Brand

    3 Axle U shape tipper trailer dimensions

    30-40 CMB

    3 Axle U shape tipper trailer capacity

    30-80 ton




    Main beams Q345B, upper flange:14mm, middle:12mm, down:16mm

    King Pin

    2 inch or 3.5-inch JOST Brand

    Base/Side Plate

    6mm/4mm, carbon steel 


    Mechanical, airbag suspension


    11.00R20, 12.00R20,12R22.5, 385/65R22.5 Triangle/Hankook/ Bridgestone brand

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Youcan 30-80T Side Tipper

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