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What is curtain side trailer

What is curtain side trailer

The chassis, the column, the beam, and the curtain form the main body of the side curtain, and the curtains on both sides can be quickly opened, and the loading and unloading of the goods are very convenient.

Due to its efficient transportation efficiency and multi-functional solid-state equipment, the side curtain car has great advantages in six transportation fields such as multimodal transport, household appliances, beverages, paper rolls, auto parts, plates, and packaged goods.

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What kind of goods do we use curtain side trailers to transport?

Many people ask before buying, what kind of goods can be transported by using a curtain side trailer The answer is basically any goods can be transported.

Generally speaking, a cruise side trailer is usually used for goods transported by flatbed transport vehicles, but the enclosed environment can expand the scope of transportable goods, so basically, any goods can be transported.

Features of Youcan Curtainsider semi-trailer

1.The Youcan Curtainsider semi-trailer with powerful curtain offers a body without support laths for faster loading and unloading times.

2.Wire reinforcement built into the tarpaulin increases its strength and improves anti-theft protection.

3.CAE and Hypermesh software were used for multiple finite element analysis and verification to optimize the structure of the vehicle and its components.  

4.The Youcan Curtainsider semi-trailer stands out as being particularly lightweight with higher payload or lower fuel consumption.

5.The Youcan Curtainsider semi-trailer is automatically welded by an advanced large-scale special welding machine. Ensure the safety of the trailer and increase the service life.

6.The metal surfaces of the vehicle after the welding process is cleaned with sand shot blasting process with grit metal.In order to protect the surfaces from rusting on the top of the surfaces with 2 coats of epoxy primer and acrylic finished paint will be on customer demand. The total thickness of the paint work is 120micron.

7.Increased load bearing capacity:10% more distributed load.

Curtainside Semi-trailer

Curtainsider semi-trailer Supplier

The Youcan Trailer was founded in 1999, with rich experiences of producing semi-trailers and providing complete trailer solutions for different applications. The company specialized in providing aluminum tankers, fuel tankers, bulk cement tankers, dumper trailers,tipper trailers, stake/sidewall trailers, flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo trailers, and other hundreds of products with 23 Years of experiences. Feel free to contact us for latest price of new semi-trailers. Competitive price with reliable quality waiting for you!

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