Youcan 33-38m³ Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi-trailer
33-38m³ Aluminum Bulk Cement Tank Trailer, professional Aluminum bulk cement tank trailers.


Overview of 3-Axles Aluminum bulk cement tank trailer

Bulk Cement Tank trailer is for transporting bulk material (bulk cement), according to the different nature of the transport material, volume is generally between 28-50 cubic meters.  The vertical unloading height is more than 15m, and the horizontal conveying distance can be more than 10m. And Bulk Cement Tank trailer is the use of self-provided motor power by diesel engine and air compressor, compressed air through a pipe into the sealed tank bottom air chamber, made the cement in the fluidized bed on the suspension to flow, when the tank pressure reaches rating, open the discharge butterfly valve, fluidization cement through the pipe flow and transport

Features of Yuchang Aluminum Bulk Cement Tank tank trailer

1. Made of aluminum magnesium alloy, 1-2 tons Lighter than  carbon steel powder tank trailer.

2.CAE and Hypermesh software were used for multiple finite element analysis and verification to optimize the structure of the vehicle and its components.  

3.The tank body adopts high strength material plate, the interior adopts 15 degree fluidized bed design, no sliding material plate structure, to meet the needs of medium loading and unloading.  

4.The frame adopts high strength ALUMINUM plate and the latest lightweight structure design to ensure the strength of the frame while reducing the weight to the lightest.  

5. The tank body is automatically welded by an advanced large-scale special welding machine. 

6. The Youcan tank body is longitudinally welded. Ensure the safety of the tanker and increase the service life.

7. Performance needs source -Durable body structure, superior production technology and premium equipment, turn into long lifetime income.

Aluminum Bulk Cement Tank trailer Supplier

Yuchang Trailer is a professional semi-trailer manufacturer providing complete trailer solutions for almost all types of trucks on different applications. The company specialized in providing tank trailers, bulk cement semi-trailers, dump semi-trailers, stake storage semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, container carrier trailers, cargo semi-trailers, and other hundreds of products. Feel free to contact us for latest price of new semi-trailers. Competitive price with reliable quality waiting for you!



YOUCAN Bulk Cement Tank Trailer


YCH9401 YCH9402



Overall dimension

10500-13750 *2500* 3900mm 

Loading capacity


Tank thickness(mm)

Tank Body is 5mm

back cap  is 6mm.   Q355

Main beam

middle plate is 8mm.   Q700

Diesel engine

 Weichai 4102

Compre ssor

Fuda 14/2

Axle brand and number

13T Fuwa Brand, 3 units OR BPW

Manhole cover 


Discharge valve

125mm butterfly valve


50# or 90#

Steel Spring 

90mm/10 leaf spring suspension

Suspension system

Common Mechanical suspension

Tyre and quantity

12R22.5 12sets

Landing gear

28T, double speed operation

Brake system

Dual Line braking system , ABS.

Brake air chamber

Four double chamber Two single

Electrical system

24V,7 pin socket,One set 6-core standard Cable


Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, 

side lamp etc

Tool box

1 set

Spare tire carrier

1 set




Polish with wax before shipping

Youcan 33-38m³ Aluminum Bulk Cement Semi-trailer

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